Secularism, a Christian concept

    “Atheism is not sociologically dead but is dying for philosophy”, states Philippe Nemo, a French philosopher in an interview published by the laicist Belgium journal “Le Soir” (13/03/2003). Nemo is the author of “La belle mort de l’athéisme moderne” (the peaceful death of modern atheism).

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The social sciences cannot settle the moral status of homosexuality

An article by the psychologist Stanton L. Jones, published in "First Things" magazine, proves that most of the scientific studies about homosexuality are biased by lack of sample representativeness when not by ideological motivation. We offer here the first paragraphs. Many ...

A revolt to prevent anti-natalism becoming an essential EU value

Looking for abortion? —You are and authentic European citizen, responsible and modern. Wanting to interdit abortions? —You are a reactionary, a social danger against the liberties and rights founding European democracy. This “cliché”, promoted from the highest spheres of Europe, ...

Hungary breaks new ground with a “politically incorrect” Constitution

Hungary has approved by an ample majority the most "politically incorrect" Constitution of Europe. It is the first that recognizes clearly the respect of the human life from the conception, along with the central value of the family, the ...

A man is a man

After the March for Life in Belgium, the journal Le Soir (19-02-11) published an article by professor Yvon Englert, former headmaster of the National Council for Bioethics and Gynecologist at Erasmus hospital (Université Libre de Bruxelles). He holds that ...

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